Water Blessing

Woman ShoweringMuch of the time, we forget that rituals can be simple acts that we incorporate into our everyday activities.  This is a nice, quick ritual I like to perform in the shower every morning. Saying each line, I wash the specified body part, rinsing it three times. Then I raise my hands to the running water and recite the last four lines.

A Druid Nine-Fold Blessing

Blessed are my feet, which carry me upon this path.
Blessed are my knees, which allow me to bend or stand firm.
Blessed are my hips, which cradle this child, my passion.
Blessed is my heart, which sees with love.
Blessed are my shoulders, which bear these burdens with joy.
Blessed are my hands, which work with strength and gentleness.
Blessed are my lips, which speak with justice and kindness.
Blessed are my eyes, which see the beauty of the world.
Blessed is my mind, which rejoices in knowledge and truth.

By Earth, by Water, by Air, and by Fire:
I purify my body, my mind, my spirit–my whole being.
For the good of all, for the harm of none,
So be it.