[NYNY] Everyday Magick

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) by Hubblesite.org

Well, the manifestations have been flying thick and furious, although not always in the ways I expect. That seems to be about par for the course, however, and riding the currents of change is proving both frightening and exhilarating.

More than ever I’m finding it necessary to keep up my little enchantments and small rituals. They give me a base from which to engage my work, and provide a calm center as other events swirl around me. I honestly haven’t quite moved beyond these yet, as I feel like I’m still building focus and clarity of purpose around the enchantments I’ve been planning for the old house. I don’t think I’ve gotten tangled up in analysis-paralysis, but I do want to maximize the efficacy of the work by getting most of my ducks in a row first.

But setting a good base is important, I think. Making sure my home is clean and well-warded, keepings my wights well-fed and happy, and continuing to engage my peers as well as my guides will provide a solid foundation from which to extend outwards.

Among the synchronicities of which I’m taking advantage:

1) The Strategic Sorcery course. This is already bolstering the places where I was lacking confidence in the Ovate work. With any luck, another couple of weeks will give me enough oomph (technical term) to start tackling the larger pieces of magick that I want to work.

2) A home-grown working group which met for the first time this past week. It is designed to be a place to discuss various aspects of magick and energy work, and to provide support to its members during their explorations. I did quite a bit of group work in college, but really haven’t touched it since then. I’m also looking forward to having a safe place to bounce ideas off of other—in person and with a cup of tea!

3) The possibility of being laid-off in a few months. While this shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the nature of my job, it’s still kinda scary to be seeing that road rise up before me. However, it will finally afford me the opportunity to concentrate my attention here in my new home, rather than having it split between MA and CT. And, I have plenty of warning. Time to get shoaling and polish up those resumés!

4) Keeping the house wights fat and happy has led both my husband and son to begin participating in the home upkeep. In fact, when my husband walked in the front door the other day, he commented that he really felt like he was home, wrapped up in the comfort of the space. And when I was too sick last week to keep my dish and trash systems going, he stepped in and took care of it. Voluntarily. Without prompting. (Woah.)

So far, rather than the Year of the Hustle, I’ve been experiencing the Year of the Bustle (and no, my fine posterior does not in fact require one of these, you Victorian pervs!)—getting motivated and excited, ready to dip into the heady waters of a swirling galaxy of possibilities. And from there, the fruits of one of the greatest hustles of all time will be ripe and within reach.