[NYNY] Asking for Help

Okinawa by slagheap

Oh, jeeze, this one was a doozy.

For a long time, asking for help was something I just didn’t do. I actually identified as someone who didn’t need help. With anything. Which is downright silly.

Thus, I made sure I ran the gamut from mundane to metaphysical on this one:

*Working group—great place for getting a variety of different thoughts on how to deal with metaphysical snags.
*Neighbors—really were wonderful taking time to help me brainstorm different job options.
*Family—wonderful source of support and experience, especially my in-laws, who totally rock.
*Guides—helped in places where I couldn’t see the problem/block clearly.
*House wights—first line of defense against depression. Keeping them happy by doing a few small tasks makes the whole home feel better.

The end result is that I’m finishing my Vanabag today, the house is clean, I have options for employment, and my energetic perception is better than it’s ever been. If all the shoulder-to-the-wheel effort has been the driving force of this experiment, outside help is the judicious application of WD-40 to the sticky spots.

Thank you to all who helped.