Sea, Sky, Soil Now Available


I’m thrilled to announce that Nicanthiel Hrafnhild’s introduction to Waincraft, Sea, Sky, Soil, has been published!  From the history of Waincraft, to its pantheon and other shining spirits, to seasonal celebrations, this is a great primer for a spirituality which nurtures a person’s roots as well as their leaves and blooms.

Buy it now through Ravens Hall Press.

Children’s Night


Three dot, a trinity, a way to map the universe, three dot

—”Growing Up” by Peter Gabriel

From the union of Mother Night and the Shaman-Father spring the Terrestrial Twins, the soul of this world. They loved one another as their parents did, finding completion in their divine opposite. The Twins’ dance creates what will become our home, every act of love bringing a new plume of magma to the surface, sending a fresh storm racing across the skies of this planet. Their play, their joyful work, made a home for their own children.

These children at first multiplied in the way of their Grandmother Night, loving themselves into legion. But then some followed in their parents’ footsteps, joining with each other to create offspring with the qualities of both sires. And these children continued the dance, changing, growing, until the little blue-green world was covered with all manner of life.

Blessings to all children, who continue the Great Dances of Life and Joy.