Stone Night


The essence of Earth is stability and strength. In the deep of winter, frozen soil holds stones and pebbles immovable. Cool and dry, Earth is the densest and most static of the elements.

I used to believe that emotions were the greatest threat to stability, like the pounding of waves on the shore grinding pebbles into sand. But an excess of intellect can also be detrimental, subversive thoughts eating away at an already shaky foundation. Passion can likewise burns away the stoutest of roots, destroying a forest from beneath.

Earth need not stand in opposition to her brothers and sisters. Water, Air, and Fire can shape and hone Earth’s solid foundation, creating circulation and an environment where living things can grow. It is a question of balance, of how each element supports its fellows. Building up is tempered by tearing down. Both processes are necessary in order to achieve a dynamic balance.

Tonight I give thanks for the strength and solidity of Earth, for the firm base it creates for the rest of my work. I give thanks for the fruits that I eat, for the frozen grass beneath my feet. I give thanks for the sensual pleasures available in this life, for the cup of tea after a hike in the cold, for the scent of cinnamon wafting from the kitchen, for my son’s wet puppy kisses while I’m cooking.

Hail Earth, Twilight Stone of Autumn!