Ice Night


Water seeps into the tightest crack. No matter how firmly you shut your mind, your will against it, Water finds a way through. The fallacy that emotions can be bent to will or intellect is as ridiculous as trying to stem the pull of the Moon on the oceans—yet is nonetheless touted throughout our culture. “Man up.” “Don’t be a crybaby.” “Get over it.” Oh, it may work for a time, maybe even years, but eventually the damn will break and you must deal with the flood that was ignored for so long.

But Water is not only the raging sea. It can bring a deep peace and calm in the midst of a firestorm. The same way it flows through fissures in the earth is the same way it trickles into a shattered heart, filling the cracks and holding the pieces suspended until they can mend. Water heals and nurtures, provided it has the room to resist stagnation. It is the stuff of life, a miracle and a gift to all.

Hail Water, Midnight Pool of Winter!