The Planets: Mercury


After some slight tweaking, we now proudly present: Mercury!

The design for this one came relatively quickly, but choosing the color scheme hung me up for quite a while. Many thanks to my husband for telling me it “needs an orange circle…right there!”

ETA 04.13.13: Here’s the old version, sans speckles.

sans spécules

Still on Track…Sort Of…

Well, I finished Mercury last night on schedule, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it. The same thing happened with the Moon, so I decided to sleep on it and see if thing looked better in the morning. They didn’t–it was too flat and dull, not a very Mercury-like trait. Then my husband walked in and  told me what would really make it pop. So I’ll be touching up Mercury tonight as well as tackling Jupiter.

Hooray for snags in the creative process!