The Planets: Uranus


The first of the outer planets, this was the second design I drafted when this whole project began as a way to supplement the sigils provided in the Strategic Sorcery course. It was a little tricky to clean up from the original doodle, but smoothed out nicely all things considered.

ETA 04.13.13: I wasn’t completely satisfied with the color scheme, so I tweaked it a bit. The original is below for posterity.

Previous color scheme

The Planets: Saturn


I somehow feel like the further out one goes in the solar system, the longer it takes for the energies of a planet to reach us. I have a suspicion this is all in my head, but for the moment, it seems to take ten to twenty minutes for me to synch with the larger planets, even after their planetary hour has begun.

I’m quite pleased with the way Saturn turned out, to say the least, even if it took some wrangling to get it there!