Practicing Together #6

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #11.

I noticed that I got a lot of practice failing last week! I though I did complete a number of large projects, I also dropped a number of balls in order to do so. Like, being two weeks behind on the Pagan Blog Project, for instance. But, with the spring peepers peeping and the first mosquitoes snacking on my hemoglobin, it all somehow seemed ok.

This week, I invite in awareness, noticing how my inner and outer worlds interact with each other. I can often get distracted by one or the other, so paying attention to my emotions and how they affect my actions is something I want to work on.

Ways this could happen: Asking for awareness in my morning ritual. Pausing throughout the day to check in with myself.

What went well: I definitely got my geek on. In some ways, I think I went a little overboard with it, which derailed some other projects that I had in the works. The next step will be harnessing the geek, rather than letting it run over my life. Ooops.

Updates: I didn’t get to work on the calendar, but I did get the spring crops ordered—in fact they arrived today. I felt like I broke through to the sunlight after a long, hard March (when SAD tends to kick in for me). Breaking through was tough, but I’m feeling a lot more together by the beginning of this week for sure. And, my Ovate tutor wrote back–I’m not fired! Not that I thought I would be, but a fear of disappointment always lurks when I write to her and it was nice just to be held by her very kind words.