Practicing Together #9

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #14.


I noticed sliding down a mountain on your butt will only result in torn trousers and possibly holey undies as well. (In other words, Mt. Monadnock kicked my ass!) Actually, I noticed a bunch of other things, too, like the large numbers of hemlocks, paper & silver birches, and some tiny yellow flowers I haven’t identified as yet.

I also noticed, or more came to the conclusion, that I really can’t learn ogham without building a relationship with the associated tree first. Suddenly, the fews make sense, because they are all on different types of wood, each with its own story. It’s still going to be a slow system for me to learn, and the adage “fast as speeding oak” certainly applies here.

This week, I invite in spontaneity. I have a couple of rituals coming up this weekend and I need to let myself be open to the magic that happens with chance. I had a dream last night that I took everyone down to the Grove for Beltaine, but the pages of the script were scattered all over the ground like leaves. So folks just picked up whatever piece was near them and began reading it. And was still ok!

Ways this could happen: maybe make a script grab bag, where everyone pulls out a strip of paper with a Beltaine phrase or idea, and applies it to his or her ritual part? Or I could just relax and enjoy the experience rather than trying to plan out every last detail.

UntitledWhat went well: I ended up processing a variety of difficult things last week. But I feel purged and more ready to tackle whatever comes next. I also managed to work around the lack of crafting space fairly well, appropriating the kitchen table to finish up a sigil commission.

Updates: The Strategic Sorcery Walpurgisnacht meditation was quite powerful. I really felt recentered in that work. Not to mention the fact that having completed the planetary sigils qualifies as one of my homework assignments. And on the ogham front, I cut three more fews this weekend: barberry for Straif (in lieu of blackthorn), apple for Qwert, and euonymous for Oir. We’re now up to seven out of twenty-five!