Strategic Sorcery Homework #5

I’ve been able to astral project/journey since I was 10 or 11. It’s sort of a combination of “get-up-and-go” and “elevating,” and it was very interesting to read about other techniques. It was really great to hear that you should never lose a vague awareness of the physical body—in fact, this was the reason that for years I thought I was “doing it wrong”! So thank you, Mr. Miller, for your detailed explanation and “myth-busting” sections in this lesson.

I tried the tactile repetition method, which I found most useful when I was working in my permanent sacred space. Handling my tools created a nice pull for my focus. I did a simple trip to my outdoor grove in the conservation land behind my house. I played with floating a bit, something I don’t usually indulge in, which was enjoyable. One thing I’ve noticed is that colors (in this world at least) are always somewhat muted. This doesn’t necessarily hold true for visiting other planes, however.

Strategic Sorcery Homework #3

Druid Bugout Bag and Mobile Working Altar

The planetary power exercise took a cleansing ritual of our old property to a whole new level. The following took place on the 5th of April 2012, Day of Jupiter, Hour of Mercury.

Tools: smudge bundle (white sage, common sage, and lavender, the last two being grown on the property), dagger, hurricane water, salt, talisman (upright pentacle, seal of Mars in the center, Jupiter to the left, Mercury to the right–on a post-it note).

The working altar was set up in the kitchen, as it was the center of the house.

Divination as to the outcome: Four of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, High Priestess.

Process: First, cleansed the hose/drove out the critters, working from basement to attic (counter-clockwise on each room and level), by Fire and Air with smudge bundle, saying:

I cast you out by Fire and Air,
I cast you out by the steel of my blade,
I cast you out by the force of my will.
You cannot hide from me,
You are not welcome here.
Flee before me!
The grasping tendrils of smoke drag you away, far from this place.
By the storm of my heart, the flames of my will and the strength of my arm, I cast you out!

Then, purify and bless with Water and Earth, using hurricane water (from Sandy) and salt, again working up from basement to attic, but moving clockwise.

I bless and purify this place, by Water and Earth, of any stain of sorrow or pain.
May this home be blessed by the love of Water.
May this home be blessed by the gifts of Earth.
Pain turns to strength and sorrow becomes wisdom.
Shine, that the light of this place may join the greater Light.

The results were immediate. Both my (ex-)husband and I have been able to work in the house without anxiety. We also had a rash of new interest in the listing; this does coincide with the usual spring real estate boom, but it was waaaay more than we had last year.

Strategic Sorcery Homework #2

Kitchen altar circa 2012

1) The biggest challenge has been getting back into a daily offering practice for my house wights. I lapsed for nearly a year due to a new baby and PPD. It feels so good just to anchor to them each day, and know that they have my back and will give me that extra push as needed. (UPDATE: This has stayed pretty consistent over the past two years, even when I moved into my own place. I have added offerings to Brigid as patron of the Ovate Grade, as well.)

2) Meditation! I’ve actually started doing The Sorcerer’s Secrets (TSS) breath work while nursing my son. It calms him, and centers me, so everybody wins. (UPDATE: Yep, still meditating—though not still nursing, thank gods!)

3) Cleansing/establishing space. Especially since my husband, a chiropractor, sees local patients in out living room two mornings a week, I’ve found giving peace and light to the quarters as well as smudging widdershins help reestablish the room as family space, rather than healing/business space. (UPDATE: Now divorced, but since I rent a room, it’s even more important than ever to make clear psychological breaks between various activities, since many of them happen in the same space.)

Strategic Sorcery Homework #1

I finally got my act together an emailed Jason Miller to see if my homework had been received back in 2012–yeah, a little bit of a hiatus! It had, and I’ve got some new invigoration to get these finished up. Today I’ll be posting what has been written up so far, so forgive the spam. 🙂


I want to sell our old house.  It’s a fixer-upper, and we’ve been having trouble attracting buyers willing to put in the work required, even with a reduced price.  It should be a nice straightforward project for the course.

SPOILER ALERT: We sold the house!