Time to do some catching up

Back at the beginning of the year, I drew twelve cards from an ogham deck, one for each month. This is the second year in a row that I’ve done this, but I want to really look at what flavor each “tree” has given its month. March has been kind to me, with a second dark moon coming up on the 30th. So I’ll take advantage of that and do a little catching up on the ogham posts that I’ve been meaning to do.

Gort or ivy was what came up for this month. Traditionally, Gort is a few of the tilled fields as well as of the ivy plant. It represents tenacity and the ever upward search that humanity seems to be compelled to carry out. The past several weeks have definitely tested my grit, as it were: starting a new job, building a client base, commuting 300-plus miles each week—all these things have required an ivy-like stubbornness to see through to the end. Back in January, a fellow Ovate shared some of his spectacular ivy with me. It’s been an important touchstone (touchbranch?), and a reminder that growth isn’t always in a straight line.

Make Like a Crane

Happy Vernal Equinox! I think I heard the first “official” spring peeper this morning. However, being one of those snow-lovers, it’s been bitter-sweet to watch the glaciers recede in parking lots and on lawns. Their retreat leaves behind all manner of debris, a miniature echo of the glacial processes of the last ice ages. The archaeologist in me wonders what the current glacial retreat will reveal–probably not the plastic shovels and swords of the early 21st century, but maybe still something interesting.

Since I’m traveling, I won’t be dyeing eggs like I had planned (that’ll be next week), but I will be outside, standing on one foot with one arm behind my back and one eye closed, in balance at the moment of balance.

Blessed Ostara!