Dark Moon: Ngetal

In the Tree Ogham, Ngetal is associated with the reeds that grow at the water’s edge. I envy their flexibility, undaunted by rough winds or frozen ponds. Indeed, Aesop remarked on their strength in the fable of The Oak and the Reeds. Who is mightier, the yielding or the unbending?

Still, suppleness is a quality for which to strive this month. There is much change around me: family structure, house sale, job juggling…keeping all these balls in the air requires lightness of foot and mind.

Reed is also a healing plant in my mind, closely associated with Brigantia’s more watery aspects. If I can remain flexible, it will bring a different sort of mending to my life, letting the scabs slough off the wounds, and massaging the scars to make them pliable.