Hag Taper


Mullein is one of my favorite plants. First, it’s great for the garden since it breaks up compacted soil and brings all sorts of yummy nutrients to the surface. Second, it’s a wonderful herbal remedy. Third, you can make candles with it! Which is exactly what Sarah F. over at Starflower Alchemy and I did before Samhain (though I’m just getting around to posting about it now).  We melted up some beeswax on her stove, wrapped a wick around the dried mullein stalk, and then began the delightfully messy process of soaking the taper.


These are smokey, but make great torches. Definitely something to be used outside!  If you want to know more, Sarah Lawless has a great post about mullein and its various magical uses, as well as a reference list. It can be found here.