It’s been a while. Two years, in fact. That definitely qualifies as “a while”. It would be nice to blame my absence on the pandemic, or the previous administration, or unemployment, or a new relationship, or any of a dozen terrible, wonderful, mundane things that have happened in the past two years. But the fact […]

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What the Water Gave Me

In honor of a new blog theme, the spring thaws, and the overwhelm that so often comes with the creative process. “What The Water Gave Me” Florence and the Machine Time it took us To where the water was That’s what the water gave me And time goes quicker Between the two of us Oh, […]

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Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon, in the Hour of Saturn, the Day of Jupiter, with a waning Moon in Leo, I closed on the condo I’ve been trying to buy since August of this year.  The process has dredged up a lot of feelings, which I might get around to posting about one of these days, but for […]

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Twitter Experiment

Welp, I went and did it. I signed up for Twitter. I’m finding that I have very little time for formal blogging right now, but I want to be able to keep my hand in and record some of the ideas that flit across my consciousness every now and then. So if you’ve enjoyed my […]

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