Samhuinn 2014 Redux

Just when everyone is sick of Halloween posts in the blogosphere…here we go! Samhuinn and Alban Arthan are the two holy times that last more than a single day in my personal practice.  I’ve written about my extended Alban Arthan celebration before, but Samhuinn has been developing more slowly.  This year feels like it finally […]

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Element Earth

Roughly a year ago, Awen began smacking me upside the head to do a series of paintings for the elements. (It’s true, sometimes Awen hurts.) I’ve obviously been sitting on this inspiration for a while now, but I think the brew’s been boiling for long enough. At the last full moon, I scoured the conservation […]

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Old Lessons Made New

I’m nearing the end of my work with Kris Hughes’s year-long Cauldron Born ritual.  This Working has been intense, powerful, transformational–everything you want from a ritual of this magnitude.  Though I thought I’d become accustomed to being surprised, this month was more than a little bit startling. I’ve varied the ingredients for the ritual quite a […]

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Magic in July

July has been a rather magical month all the way around.  It’s easy to find components this time of year in New England. It seems like they’re veritably bursting out of the earth. First, I gathered some lavender for a house blessing that our Grove performed for one of our members. It was a wonderful […]

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