Where is the line between prayer and poetry?  It’s blurred more often than not.  This is why I love Pinsky, Heaney, the Romantics. That very ambiguity is delicious.  I love how my pagan gods hide beneath the rhythms of secularism. Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite poems by Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. […]

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New Incarnation of Altars

Thank you again for joining us for a brand new episode of “This Old Altar,” with your host, Bob Vila! Er wait, that’s not quite right…let’s try this again: When I moved into my neighbor’s house last year, it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made during the divorce process. I loved living with B. and […]

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I. Trailing stiff fingers across seeping sandstone, deeper and deeper into the thrumming earth. Beneath the sacred hill, down, down, down, plunging in spiral darkness. Empty corridors shining with fae fire, Slipping faster, flowing emptiness surrounds times before, drifting ghosts across root and rock show clear memory. II. Learning more, travel’s harder, words choking. Reading, […]

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Ovate Field Notes: Vol. 3

 One of the most useful skills I’ve acquired in the Ovate grade, is that of making my own journals. I never considered myself a particularly consistent journaler, but now looking over my work not only during this grade, but in the Bardic grade, and even back to college and high school, I’ve written a fair amount. […]

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Conversations with a Water Wight

… What? This pond… What about it? There’s no fish. Well, that’s because it’s not actually supposed to be full of water.  It’s supposed to drain, but there’s too much silt in the soil to let the water escape. … I can’t fish here. Fine. We’ll head down to the brook next time. Good. I’m […]

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