Awen #13: The Final Rite

I’ve wanted to sit awhile with the ripples from the final piece of the Cauldron Born ritual before blogging about it. And honestly, I’m not going to say all that much as I think most folks will get more out of doing it for themselves than reading about my experience on the internet. I will say […]

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Meditation Mondays

Apparently this is evolving into a biweekly feature, whether I want it to or not! First, some stats for the past couple of weeks. Things are definitely more consistent than the last time I took stock of my daily practice.  I’ve only missed two days in the last ten, and the week of 10/6 had […]

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Old Lessons Made New

I’m nearing the end of my work with Kris Hughes’s year-long Cauldron Born ritual.  This Working has been intense, powerful, transformational–everything you want from a ritual of this magnitude.  Though I thought I’d become accustomed to being surprised, this month was more than a little bit startling. I’ve varied the ingredients for the ritual quite a […]

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