Stone Night

The essence of Earth is stability and strength. In the deep of winter, frozen soil holds stones and pebbles immovable. Cool and dry, Earth is the densest and most static of the elements. I used to believe that emotions were the greatest threat to stability, like the pounding of waves on the shore grinding pebbles […]

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More on the Vanic Soul Map

This week, I’m going to talk a bit more on my casting cloth/soul map. I use this both for regular rune (and hopefully soon ogham!) castings, as well as for a more detailed soul-map reading. When casting runes, I’ll usually take a handful and toss them on the cloth, then interpret them in relation to […]

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Back from Break

…and I’ve got a basket full of tomatoes under my arm. Yellows, reds, blacks, and greens, all just begging to be munched. This is going to be one of those “natural sciences” posts, so for those of you not in the New England area, you may be bored to tears. (In fact, you may be […]

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Water Blessing

Much of the time, we forget that rituals can be simple acts that we incorporate into our everyday activities.  This is a nice, quick ritual I like to perform in the shower every morning. Saying each line, I wash the specified body part, rinsing it three times. Then I raise my hands to the running […]

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On Being An Air-Head

The windows opened up to the Spring Like every spring before —Mary Chapin Carpenter The title of this just about says it all, but it wouldn’t be much of a post if I didn’t elaborate a bit more. Still, with it being Spring and this being a brand-spankin’ new blog, I thought this might be […]

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