2022 Intermezzo

2022 ended up defining Shadow Year for me: going quiet, masticating some personal demons, focusing on things I could affect, and leaving to others the things over which I have no control. It was a needed fallow time in terms of public-facing writing. I just wish I had recognized it as such.

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It’s always something of a question as to whether to let someone look behind the curtain at your creative process.  It’s messy back there–blobs of ink, half-formed words, trailing threads, and heavens forfend those dangling participles.  Words themselves have been slippery fishes of late, and I find myself turning to solid crafts that satisfy my hands, like […]

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Still on Track…Sort Of…

Well, I finished Mercury last night on schedule, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it. The same thing happened with the Moon, so I decided to sleep on it and see if thing looked better in the morning. They didn’t–it was too flat and dull, not a very Mercury-like trait. Then my husband walked in […]

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