Here’s What They Don’t Tell You

My ex liked to move about every two years (just moved again, as a matter of fact)–probably one of the many reasons we’re no longer together.  If you’re always running, you never let yourself have the time to be affected by relationships, whether it’s with neighbors or the land itself.  I hated being rootless. Listening to the […]

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Taking in the Midsummer Harvest

Midsummer is really the beginning of summer here in central Massachusetts.  We are about six weeks off from the traditional British harvest holidays, with the cross quarter fire festivals marking the height of each season rather than its beginning. At least that’s been my experience. There are a number of sacred herbs that can be […]

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Victory Gardens

Victory gardens first became “a thing” back in World War I and II. The name evoked the struggles occurring “over there,” and what people back home could do to aid in that conflict. One of my earliest memories is of a poster that my uncle, a WWI historian, had hanging in his dining room.  It showed an enormous basket overflowing […]

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Lavender & Rosemary Scones

One of the things I stopped doing while I was married was baking.  It’s a shame because it’s an activity that always brings me comfort. The past week has been more than a little rough in places, so I decided to flex the ol’ culinary muscles and see if I still had that kitchen magic. […]

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