First Night

“Verily at the first Chaos came to be…”
–Hesiod, “Theogony”

“Early in the morning of time there was no sand, no grass, no lapping wave.  There was no earth, no sun, no moon, no stars.  There was Niflheim, a waste of frozen fog, and Muspelheim, a place of raging flames.  And in between the fog and fire there was a gaping pit–Ginnungagap.  For untold ages crackling embers from Muspelheim and crystals of ice from Niflheim whirled around in the dark and dismal pit.”
–D’aulaires’ Norse Gods and Giants

“Alone, awesome, complete within Herself, the Goddess, She whose name cannot be spoken, floated in the abyss of the outer darkness, before the beginning of all things.”
–Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

“One dot, that’s on or off, defines what is and what is not, one dot.”
–Peter Gabriel, “Growing Up”

With the First Night we recall the beginnings of creation. What was there before there was the universe? The Void contained all, limitless potential unbounded by the spark of creation. No will, no destiny, no law…simply infinite possibility. And yet, in all of its potential, there was no ability to manifest, to create, to make a choice. Void would first have to recognize Self before our dream could be ignited.

Shining Night

Four dot, is what will make a square, a bed to build on, it’s all there
—”Growing Up” by Peter Gabriel

From the Star Mother’s ecstasy, from the Dance of the Twins, from the Joy of their siblings and children, all manner of Shining Beings were born. Some chose to roam the inky blackness between the stars, their skin mirroring the cool glossy darkness of the void. Others dove into the centers of suns, burning with the brightness of nuclear fire. Still others settled on spheres of cooling rock, playing endlessly in soupy atmospheres and liquid stone.

Some of the Shining Ones settled on the home of the Terrestial Twins. And as the organic beings divided, recombined, multiplied and evolved, so did their luminous cousins. Thus things continued until the the Shining Ones drew a Veil between themselves and the creatures of matter that dwelled on Terra. It was still possible to travel to the Undying Lands, but most only did so in their dreams.

This night honors spirits of all kinds, those who exist glittering at the edges of our vision. These are the spirits of our tribe, the gods large and small, named and unnamed; the spirits of place, of root, rock, and water; and our own ancestors who have chosen to dwell in those luminous halls after they passed from this life. Tonight we give thanks to all these beings, and hold our breaths in wonder and anticipation of what morning will bring.

Children’s Night


Three dot, a trinity, a way to map the universe, three dot

—”Growing Up” by Peter Gabriel

From the union of Mother Night and the Shaman-Father spring the Terrestrial Twins, the soul of this world. They loved one another as their parents did, finding completion in their divine opposite. The Twins’ dance creates what will become our home, every act of love bringing a new plume of magma to the surface, sending a fresh storm racing across the skies of this planet. Their play, their joyful work, made a home for their own children.

These children at first multiplied in the way of their Grandmother Night, loving themselves into legion. But then some followed in their parents’ footsteps, joining with each other to create offspring with the qualities of both sires. And these children continued the dance, changing, growing, until the little blue-green world was covered with all manner of life.

Blessings to all children, who continue the Great Dances of Life and Joy.

Lovers’ Night


One dot, that’s on or off, defines what is and what is not, one dot
Two dot, a pair of eyes, a voice, a touch, complete surprise, two dot
—”Growing Up” by Peter Gabriel

First there is One. Then One recognizes herself, and there are Two. The second, by its nature, is now separated from the One; thus Two is the source of all further differentiation of the One.

As each studies the other they are drawn together. Gazing at one another, One cannot help but see something of herself in Two, and likewise, Two also sees something of himself in One. Two and One find they complement each other perfectly.

And from this union Three is born.