[NYNY] Mindful Indulgence

Tea by Lekyu

This week’s task: do something nice for yourself.

After a bit of thought, I realized that I was having the same problem as R.O., namely that I already do nice things for myself. However, what I don’t always do it realize how nice they are—because I do them without thinking.

So, I’ve been taking a little extra time to bask in the pleasure of my indulgences, instead of just mindlessly consuming them.

*Making a full pot of green tea, and focusing on nothing else for the 10 minutes is takes to cool the water and steep the leaves.

*Savoring every bite of the dairy-free, eco-noo-nah, salt-and-pepper chocolate that I got in Portugal last week. It’s amazing how when you eat this way, a single piece will satisfy you.

*Taking a full bath and paying attention to the scents of the shampoo and soap, how they mingle with each other in addition to how they smell in the bottle.

*Doing my book and action-figure order a little early this month. I realize the half my pleasure in getting packages is anticipation—so I’ve started letting them sit on the counter for a week before opening them. (Ok, I realize this is a weird one, but just go with it.)

*Signing up for a free World of Warcraft account. I was a pretty crazy WarCracker back when I was pregnant, but cancelled my account since it was a complete and total time-sink. But I occasionally still get the urge to go whack some murlocs, and this lets me do it guilt-free.

And now, I think I’ll have some more tea.


[NYNY] Who Me? Procrastinate?

Overcoming Writer's Block by photosteve101

Things I’ve Been Putting Off:

Writing my tutor.

Cleaning off the kitchen islands (yes, this is actually relevant since it’s my primary working space).

Getting self over to old house and 1) cleaning, 2) banishing, and 3) winterizing so that we’re not very sad in a couple of weeks.

I have the day off. Maybe this is a sign. (The fact that the moon phase is now inconvenient is only me trying to weasel out of Getting Shit Done.)


[NYNY] Goals

Streets of Obidos

Since I’ve been toodling all over Portugal for the past week, I’m aiming for a 2-for-1 special on writing prompts today. First, the seed question from December 20th: What do you want to accomplish in 2012 using both magical and mundane means?

I already stated the vague intention of flexing my magical and energetic muscles, but I think a concrete goal is also worth pursuing. With that in mind, I’m stating my intention to make our old property turn a profit, either through sale or rental, so that it stops becoming a financial burden on my family. I’ll openly state that it scares me a bit to put this desire into words, as it will mean some sort of significant change no matter what happens. But things can’t continue the way they have been, and it will be concrete proof of my development when things turn around.

So now, I have two clearly defined goals: a) develop a magical and energetic toolkit for mundane manifestations, and b) sell/rent the old house. These things are entwined in several ways, so hopefully working on one will create progress on the other as well.

Now, on to specifics.

1. How are you going to accomplish these large goals in your daily life?  You need to start breaking it up into bite sized pieces.  Our particular Experiment goes until Valentine’s Day.  What can you reasonably expect to accomplish by then?  How will you do it? 

1a. I believe I can hit the half-way point in my OBOD Ovate work by Valentine’s Day, which would put me on target to enter the Druid grade by the next East Coast Gathering. I also want to sign up for Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course (having heard Great Things about it from BoneDruid), and since he’s running a NYNY deal, I really don’t have an excuse. I’m hoping that I won’t overdo things by working two systems simultaneously, but I think the SS course will give me some of the technical grounding that I’m currently missing from the Ovate work.

Additionally, I need to continue writing to my Ovate tutor monthly, which makes me accountable and on track for the work I’m doing within the Order.

1b. I need to get the house thoroughly cleaned, both physically and energetically (although the latter is in much better shape than when we lived there). Then, I need to start pounding the pavement, putting up posts on Craigslist and the like to get the place rented until we can put it back on the market in the spring.

2.  What magical acts (rituals, spellwork, whatever it is you do) can you do to help you accomplish these goals?

2a. Continue working with my inner guides to develop techniques and focus. Continue with both Druid and Eastern meditation practices (LBE, bifutsow). Perform cord magic to untie any remaining blockages.

2b. Cleansing, house blessing. More cord magic, releasing any trapped emotions. Honey-mark the ads to attract tenants/buyers. (Any other ideas in this area are welcome.)

3. Use your preferred method of divination to figure out both what you can do to make sure these goals will happen and also to figure out what road blocks keep you from this.

And the cards say…

3a. Pentagram Spread

Earth: King of Swords. Keep your mind focused and disciplined. Make sure your thoughts are manifesting in the physical realm, and aren’t just staying stuck in your head. Make ideas real, and don’t think you’ve accomplished something just because you’ve thought about it a lot.
Water: The Lovers. Passion and connection to others are what will see you through.
Air: Princess of Wands. Accept help from people who have traveled this path before you, who have knowledge in these areas already. (Probably in reference to my neighbor, S.)
Fire: Nine of Wands. Bank the coals of your will so that you don’t burn out. Take little steps and keep the fire glowing—don’t aim for a full conflagration in this particular work.
Spirit: Prince of Pentacles. Again, be practical in your approach. You’re a capricorn, and steady, measurable accomplishments are what keep you in the game. Focus on the manifestation of the spiritual in your everyday life, not just on the inner planes.

3b. 3 Card Draw

Past: Four of Wands (r). This place was not the happy hearth and home that you had hoped it would be. You still carry that resentment, and the desire to be right about choosing it in the first place. (Ouch, ok, gonna work on that.)
Present: Six of Cups. Currently you’re in a place where you’re safe, and don’t have to think about the disappointments you experienced in the old house. However, this has also led you to stick your head in the sand about the situation, focusing on your current happiness instead of taking responsibility for your loose ends.
Future: Six of Wands (r). See previous card. Beware of continuing to ignore the underlying emotional, as it will only lead to a sense of defeat. The antidote to this is the Prince of Swords, aka Do Dumb Stuff Fast. Be flexible and innovative to break through any blocks you might encounter.

4. Consult whatever inner or outer spirits you may work with as to what’s blocking you from achieving your goals. 

My guides basically just confirmed the readings, and suggested some ways in which I might purge myself of the negative emotions surrounding the old house. Once those are cleared, it will be much easier to continue the physical work needed to make it turn a profit.

Whew. Flexing my metaphysical muscles, indeed.


[NYNY] Clean Sweep

Broom by Barret Anspach

All I can say is “wow.” Deborah’s prescription of FlyLady and Hoarders has already made an impact on our home. Funny how my now-shining sink is spreading its obnoxiously cheer glow to the surrounding counter space. I have a feeling the grime on the stove is going to be the next casualty. And it only took 4 minutes of Hoarders to have my husband chucking a large portion of his warped wood stash in the dumpster. Today he even emailed me about purging the basement—magic is indeed afoot.

The next step will be to physically and energetically cleanse the old house. I’m hoping that this will be accomplish before we leave for the holidays, since the waning moon lends itself to this sort of thing. At the very least, I want to work the sink magic again. Getting the kitchen clean and welcoming will make dealing with the rest of the house that much more manageable.

My offerings during this process have been to the Witcher, namely Frau Holda, housekeeper par excellence. One of her lessons is culling, making her the perfect one to ask for aid in de-cluttering a home (although she’s also likely to push you to dust the bookshelves while you’re at it). In my experience, the actual work of making a dwelling place into a home is her favorite offering, and so I’ve been dedicating my shiny sink to her each morning and evening. Next thing you know, she’ll be asking me to make the bed….

And time, oh, time…why you punish me? My family definitely has a habit of over-committing ourselves. So I’ve decided to cut my “extra-curriculars” back to two things: kung fu and druidry. I still plan on keeping up my crafts, but they will most likely be in service to these two main areas. Needless to say, this is going to allow me to purge a lot of stuff, as well as freeing up my schedule so I can focus on my work, my family, and my community.

Lastly, those Big Motherloving Rocks. Yeah, I’ve got some. I think I’m finally getting tired enough of the weight that I’ll put them down for a while. Particularly since some of those rocks aren’t even mine. Carrying your own is bad enough. Settling your boundaries so others don’t hand you theirs is just plain self-love.


New Year, New You

Well, I’ve been grumbling that I wanted an opportunity to stretch my magical ligaments, so I’d be a fool not to join in on the Dropout Dilettante’s New Year, New You project. I’m a little late to the party, as I spent a bit of time waffling about the time commitment and what I wanted to focus on—but at least I brought a bottle of mead with me!

My project of choice is reclaiming the magical power and focus that I lost while we lived in our last house. Since we still own the place (yay, economy!), at least I have ready access for any cleansings or rituals that I may want to do there. As usual, I’m a little worried that I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but if you never push your limits, you never grow.

Check out the comments in the above link for other participants in the project. I’m finding some really neat bloggers whom I never knew were out there!