Gale Night

The Greeks considered Air to be hot and wet, but in winter, its bite can be brutal. A slicing intellect, a keen wit, the wind is a deadly opponent, blinding the unwary and sucking warmth from flesh and bone. Untempered by the other elements, it desiccates and embrittles until the barest breath shatters the victim. […]

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Ice Night

Water seeps into the tightest crack. No matter how firmly you shut your mind, your will against it, Water finds a way through. The fallacy that emotions can be bent to will or intellect is as ridiculous as trying to stem the pull of the Moon on the oceans—yet is nonetheless touted throughout our culture. […]

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Stone Night

The essence of Earth is stability and strength. In the deep of winter, frozen soil holds stones and pebbles immovable. Cool and dry, Earth is the densest and most static of the elements. I used to believe that emotions were the greatest threat to stability, like the pounding of waves on the shore grinding pebbles […]

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Candles are probably one of the easiest ritual tools to make. I also find them one of the most satisfying. Oddly enough, I’m only in the mood to make them in September and February, so I tend to go on a bit of a binge so that I have enough to get me through the […]

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