Ovate Field Notes: Vol. 3

 One of the most useful skills I’ve acquired in the Ovate grade, is that of making my own journals. I never considered myself a particularly consistent journaler, but now looking over my work not only during this grade, but in the Bardic grade, and even back to college and high school, I’ve written a fair amount. […]

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Lost and Found

LOST It’s a scary confession for a Druid to make, but I’ve not felt at home in my Grove for a while now. The Grove that I (used to?) work in most frequently is a lovely little spot down in the conservation land bordering our village. There are actually two rings of trees, the inner […]

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Magic in July

July has been a rather magical month all the way around.  It’s easy to find components this time of year in New England. It seems like they’re veritably bursting out of the earth. First, I gathered some lavender for a house blessing that our Grove performed for one of our members. It was a wonderful […]

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