For week 15 of the PBP. My first encounter with cranesbill wasn’t in the wild woodlands, but in a garden center. A customer came up to me asking for perennial geranium, and stuffed full of recently acquired knowledge about annuals, I proudly announced that there was no such thing. Ah, the certainty of youth! In […]

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Catching Up

As happens every Spring, the outdoors start calling and I spend less and less time in front of the keyboard. But, I have been dragging my picture-taking device with me into the woods and into the garden, so I’ll share my adventures from the last few weeks visually instead.    

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First off, in case anyone here is reading from Europe, I’m not talking about the stuff Socrates used to end his days. Why the shared name? Supposedly, when the needles of Eastern/Canadian hemlock, or Tsuga canadensis,  are crushed, they produce a smell similar to that of poison hemlock. However, Eastern hemlock is a slow-growing, long-lived tree that, unlike many […]

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Practicing Together #4

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #9. I noticed that what I put out into the world is what I get back. This is hard if you’re in a bad mood! I also noticed that toddler snuggles are some of the most powerful banishing magics on the face of the planet. 🙂 This week, I invite […]

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