Strategic Sorcery Homework #4

Consecration Through Use Creation (March 24–30, April 13 & 14, 2013): I repeated the steps for Day 1 for each sigil, which meant that I ended up getting a lot of practice with this part of the ritual!  I combined the creation of the sigil with the cleansing, meditation, and first-use components.  I unwrapped the […]

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Practicing Together #7

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #12. I noticed that destructive thought loops are like parasites: separate them from the host and they will die. In more cheerful observations, I’ve heard both wood peckers and swans in the past week. And I was able to witness a rather impressive swan display as I walked […]

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The Planets: Pluto

Here we are at last, at the outer reaches of the solar system. I really enjoyed designing and painting Pluto. In a sense, it’s the culmination of all the previous planetary pieces. I love what Forrest says about Pluto in The Inner Sky: ” Pluto is the taproot penetrating the heart of a nation. It transmits […]

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The Planets: Neptune

Whew, finally! After a week of percolating, Neptune is finally finished. Like Uranus, since there isn’t an official planetary hour, I began 30 minutes before the zenith and then worked until 30 minutes after. This was an interesting one to design, as I lost my original sketch in the middle of the week. I spent […]

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