Peace in the Time of Towers

The subject of peace is a tricky one.  Peace, or frith as the Heathens call it, is foundational to Revival Druidry, born out of the conflict between Welsh and English.  In Iolo Morganwg’s “Call for Peace”, peace becomes a verb. The Truth against the world, Will you bring peace? Your heart with my heart, Will you […]

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Paths Between the Pillars

I’m about to let you in on one of my dirty little secrets. Back in high school, and even college, I was “blessed” with the ability to be good in just about any area I chose. I became very used to success: being concert master of not one but two high school orchestras, getting into […]

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Practicing Together #12

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery’s “Practicing Together” weekly series. I noticed a Cheri Huber quote that is going to be very relevant to my life over the next few months: what you practice is what you have. This week, I invite in compassion—for myself, for my family, for my community. Ways this could happen: I’m going to start by […]

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Words of Wisdom

This whole piece is very satisfying, but the following really hit home: System Hubris. SO fucking tired about hearing about how X is the real deal because it is 1) written in a renaissance grimoire 2) an African Diasporic Tradition  3) uses proper herbs and ingredients 4) doesnt use any herbs or ingredients 5) makes the best […]

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