New Year’s 2017 Ogham Divinations

New Year’s ended up being a fabulous women’s retreat at a dear friend’s home in Maine.  There was as much laughter, tears, and divine ridiculousness as five women could possibly summon! We kept with our Grove’s New Year’s tradition of a divination extravaganza after the stroke of midnight, January 1st.  W. did wonderful tarot spreads […]

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Dark Moon Tests

Seek me in the pine grove, if you would know who I am. Almost a fortnight ago, I took her at her word. Hufflespawn was with his father and the night was clear, if a bit cool. I grab my druid bug-out bag and head down the back steps into the orchard. With every step […]

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New Incarnation of Altars

Thank you again for joining us for a brand new episode of “This Old Altar,” with your host, Bob Vila! Er wait, that’s not quite right…let’s try this again: When I moved into my neighbor’s house last year, it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made during the divorce process. I loved living with B. and […]

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Of Orchards and Hoses

As some of you doubtless already know, I live in a co-housing community, which is a slightly more capitalistic version of the stereotypical hippie commune.  We all own our own properties, pay our own taxes, and participate on a voluntary basis. We do have smaller units in exchange for a large common house and associated […]

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Tree Twin Lament

Needles cramp my hand, writing your sap out of my blood. Me, born in screaming winter depths; you, planted come spring. Roots garroting themselves in a too-small plot of soil, Until trunk wounds seep amber with cankerous infection. Arbor(su)icide or accident of circumstance? Frenetic meat-monkey, my escape proved too easy. Love, did you choke on my pain until I could fly free?  

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