New Incarnation of Altars

Thank you again for joining us for a brand new episode of “This Old Altar,” with your host, Bob Vila! Er wait, that’s not quite right…let’s try this again: When I moved into my neighbor’s house last year, it was probably one of the best decisions I could have made during the divorce process. I loved living with B. and […]

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Angeline of La Romieu

 I was browsing through Sam Webster’s pieces at Patheos, and while reading his “Restoring Idolatry to Iconolotry” and discussion of zoomorphic icons, I remembered a curious little southern French town my family and I had visited when I was eight. What stuck in my memory was a rather unusual bust of a woman outside the tourism […]

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30 DoA #3: Symbols and Icons

3. Symbols and icons of this deity. I admittedly had to laugh a little at this one because my first reaction was, “Duh, anvil!” However, I think there are some other symbols that I apply to Wayland in my personal practice that others also might find useful. So, to begin with, here are some traditional/lore based […]

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Pay Attention!

Wayland has been hammering at my door again, not surprising since this is the time of year when he’s gaining in strength. Cleaning out the attic on Thursday, I rediscovered the rosary I had made for him when I first moved to Massachusetts in 2007. Then, I ran across a wonderful post over on Patheos by another […]

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Shining Night

Four dot, is what will make a square, a bed to build on, it’s all there —”Growing Up” by Peter Gabriel From the Star Mother’s ecstasy, from the Dance of the Twins, from the Joy of their siblings and children, all manner of Shining Beings were born. Some chose to roam the inky blackness between the stars, their skin […]

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