2014 Divination


And now for a little explanation since it’s no longer waaaay past my bedtime (oh the things we do for magical timing!):

January–Hazel (Coll)
February–Yew (Ioho, same as last year!)
March–Ivy (Gort)
April–Reed (Ngetal)
May–Hawthorn (Huathe, also the same as last year!)
June–Alder (Fearn)
July–Holly (Tinne)
August–Willow (Saille)
September–Rowan (Luis)
October–Heather (Úr)
November–The Sea (Mor)
December–Poplar (Eadha)

These will serve as monthly dark moon writing prompts for 2014. I decided against participating in the Pagan Blog Project this year as weekly writing is something that I can’t really commit to at this point in my life. But I should be able to do something monthly!

The Planets: Mars


It was almost scary how easily this design formed. It combines elements from the traditional Martian symbol as well as the glyphs for Aries and Scorpio, which Mars is said to rule. The only thing I would have done differently was to use a finer-tipped gold pen for the outline (which doesn’t show up as metallic in the photograph, sadly).