Peace in the Time of Towers

The subject of peace is a tricky one.  Peace, or frith as the Heathens call it, is foundational to Revival Druidry, born out of the conflict between Welsh and English.  In Iolo Morganwg’s “Call for Peace”, peace becomes a verb. The Truth against the world, Will you bring peace? Your heart with my heart, Will you […]

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Back and Crafting Again

Even though the second annual OBOD East Coast Gathering has been a week past, it’s still very strong in my mind. The week before was pretty much consumed with making my robes, which my grove bro helped me finish at 3 AM the night before we left. (Of course, then I forgot the clasps and […]

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Festival Drum

So, following on the heels of my Holy Days post, the major project that I’ve been putting together as a sort of finale for my work with the Boar Clan has been a map of sorts. It’s a temporal map, recording all the various ways I keep track of time throughout the Wheel of the […]

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Magic (part I)

I’ve been thinking a lot about magic the past few days. What exactly it is, its role in my own practice, how others may or may not perceive it. There would seem to be an abundance of blog fodder here, indeed, there are many excellent blogs already dedicated to the subject. I’ll start by giving […]

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