I am the child of poetry,
Poetry child of reflection,
Reflection child of meditation,
Meditation child of lore,
Lore child of enquiry,
Enquiry child of investigation,
Investigation child of great knowledge,
Great Knowledge child of great sense,
Great Sense child of understanding
Understanding child of wisdom,
Wisdom child of the triple gods of poetry.

—12th c., Book of Leinster

Being a good ol’ American Mutt, a number of different influences currently inform my spiritual practices—probably more of them subconscious than I’d like to admit.  The most obvious of these are Revival Druidry (OBOD-style) and the Cunning Arts.  Druidry provides my spacial and temporal framework as well as my connections to the Gods and Spirits, and Witchcraft is the technology that pulls everything together.

The blog itself an outgrowth of my devotional site, The Druid’s Well, which has largely languished in the past few years.  I’m very much enjoying the less formal forum in which to air my rambling thoughts (hopefully while keeping in mind a core theme of spiritual exploration).

Posting schedules depend on wind, weather, my son Hufflespawn, and how many chickens escaped in the previous fortnight. If you are kind enough to leave a comment and I don’t get to it immediately, pop back the next week or check the notifications ticky-box when you post to receive updates.  If you’d like to contact me offline, drop me an email at thedruidswell at g mail dot com.

Blessings of Oak and Pine,

Catriona McDonald

Background photo credits: C. McDonald 2015. Beltaine waters of Brewer Brook, MA.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I found your blog via Waincraft via Bryan Russellson whom I recently interviewed. I really love your art and photos and was wondering if you would be interested in contributing some writing or art for future ones? Animist’s Craft and Druid Garden are contributors. http://lifthrasirsuccess.wordpress.com/animist-blog-carnival/
    Nov 1st theme is human mating and dating/sex and romance from an animist perspective
    Dec 1st is animism and other religions: how they intermingle for different people/paths
    Jan 1st Trees
    Feb 1st Animist Ethics
    This is the most recent ABC:
    Thank you!


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog at redvalerian and for liking my poem Beech Grove. It is lovely to have visitors. I very much like you site. Druidry and Druidcraft is something I am very interested in and hope to develop as part of my spiritual path.
    Bright Blessings


  3. Enjoying this blog, found while trying to work out if Nicanthiel and Waincraft are still alive. No answer to that question yet, but the searching is revealing such jems as your site here.


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