Element Earth

Roughly a year ago, Awen began smacking me upside the head to do a series of paintings for the elements. (It’s true, sometimes Awen hurts.) I’ve obviously been sitting on this inspiration for a while now, but I think the brew’s been boiling for long enough. At the last full moon, I scoured the conservation […]

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Lost and Found

LOST It’s a scary confession for a Druid to make, but I’ve not felt at home in my Grove for a while now. The Grove that I (used to?) work in most frequently is a lovely little spot down in the conservation land bordering our village. There are actually two rings of trees, the inner […]

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5th Annual OBOD ECG: Guest Speakers

There is just no way to completely describe the awesomeness of this year’s OBOD East Coast Gather.  It was our fifth year, and I’ve been attending since year one.  Each year is different, and like children, I can’t say that I’ve loved one more than the others because I’ve loved them all differently.  That being […]

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Bardic Initiation

Wednesday night a few of us Grovies gathered to initiate B. into the Bardic Grade, or more specifically to reignite his journey on the Druid path. The site which watched over us is one the Grove has been using for many years, and you can feel the openness of the place, and the welcoming breeze […]

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