Datura Dreamings


Did the woman dream she was a datura…?

…or did the datura dream she was a woman?

Looking for fanciful but practical journals and other esoteric paraphernalia?  Search no further! Head on over to the Datura Dreamings Etsy store and see what’s new in stock.

I’m a self-taught bookbinder and journal-maker, starting out of desperation during the Ovate Grade when I realized I had all these lovely blank books that I couldn’t bring myself to write in because they were just too…nice.  This led me to develop my own style of journals using what materials I had to hand, like old cereal boxes and quilting scraps for covers.

My bookbinding craft has refined over the past seven years, but some things (like upcycled cardboard covers) remain. Datura Dreamings makes items you actually *use*–nice enough to bring a frisson of pleasure as your pen moves across the paper, but at a price point that won’t break the bank if you blow through a journal a month like some folks do!

Commissions have been some of my favorite projects over the years, so if you have an idea for a special something, drop me a PM on either Etsy or FaceBook and let’s see what we can concoct together.

Our stock is small, but frequently changing–make sure you check back soon for the latest updates!