New Year’s 2017 Ogham Divinations

New Year’s ended up being a fabulous women’s retreat at a dear friend’s home in Maine.  There was as much laughter, tears, and divine ridiculousness as five women could possibly summon! We kept with our Grove’s New Year’s tradition of a divination extravaganza after the stroke of midnight, January 1st.  W. did wonderful tarot spreads […]

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Dark Moon: Mor

The Sea. Scots pine. Beech. Witch hazel. Twin of hazel. All of these have been proposed as interpretations for Mor. Personally, beech and the sea are the two which resonate most, so it is with them that my interpretations for this dark moon begins. This has been a time of betweens, no doubt. Between two homes, between […]

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Dark Moon: Ur

Sadly, my real-life success with growing Ur, or Heather as we usually now call it, has been zilch.  I just can’t seem to get the damned stuff to winterover.  Apparently it thrives in acid soil, so perhaps a nice mulching of pine needles will help it along the next time I get up the gumption […]

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Dark Moon: Luis

The tree that I divined at New Year’s to watch over the month of September was the second ogham of the first aicme, Luis, the Rowan.  In folklore, it is a tree of protection, particularly against witches (ha!).  Rowan also has ties to divination, making it a gateway and an ally. Since the new moon […]

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Dark Moon: Tinne

I’m playing catch-up a bit here, since I was on vacation at the end of August and just now realized that I had never done a dark moon post for the month. Tinne’s tree is Holly, a plant to which (whom?) I’ve always felt particularly close.  There were two large holly bushes next to my childhood home, […]

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