Dark Moon: Saille

Thus far, Saille, associated with the Willow, seems to be an appropriate symbol for the month.  The new moon was on the 25th, and my divorce was finalized on the 28th.  Willow is a tree of change and healing, and both have been abundant in the past few weeks. Liz and Collin Murray make a […]

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Dark Moon: Fearn

Fearn is the fourth ogham few, the few of Alder. This is an omen of challenge and defense, which couldn’t have been more true in the past week. I’ve been embroiled in a community conflict, which is never easy, but which is frightening in the extreme for someone like me who wants everyone to be […]

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Dark Moon: Huathe

  In the tree ogham, Huathe is associated with the Hawthorn, the tree of cleansing and challenge. That pretty much sums up what the month of May has been so far. The court date for my divorce, the selling of the condo, on one hand, and on the other, two new jobs and a renewed […]

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Dark Moon: Ngetal

In the Tree Ogham, Ngetal is associated with the reeds that grow at the water’s edge. I envy their flexibility, undaunted by rough winds or frozen ponds. Indeed, Aesop remarked on their strength in the fable of The Oak and the Reeds. Who is mightier, the yielding or the unbending? Still, suppleness is a quality for which […]

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Time to do some catching up

Back at the beginning of the year, I drew twelve cards from an ogham deck, one for each month. This is the second year in a row that I’ve done this, but I want to really look at what flavor each “tree” has given its month. March has been kind to me, with a second dark […]

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