Why Druidry?

So, why Druidry? The simple answer is that it just feels so right. Druidry enlivens and sings to my soul like no other spiritual path. The combined emphasis of trusting one’s intuition and the divine with practicality and environmental activism is something largely missing from American culture.

I honestly believe that Druidry, and paths like it, are becoming more and more necessary to our survival. We cannot keep exploiting the Earth—our Mother, the Land; our Animal Brothers; our Plant Sisters—and expect to survive. There will be an accounting, of that I am sure. Druidry seeks to restore this balance before we exterminate ourselves and drag a good number of other beings down with us.

But ultimately, Druidry has become necessary to my life. It reminds me to see the beauty and wonder of the world, whether the sun shines or (like today) the rain pours down in silver-grey sheets. Druids observe and celebrate the changes of the seasons, no matter where we are in the world (as opposed to some other pagan groups that operate under the assumption that they are causing the Wheel to turn, rather than being a part of the turning itself). Druidry acknowledges the value of Awen, the creative spirit, and rejoices in that soul-filling feeling of expanding past the borders of the body to connect with the Great Law that links us all.

Druidry has led me to a group of folks who really live their spirituality, not just paying lip-service to the Gods once a month or every six weeks. Druids, for the most part, are out there moving and shaking, making the changes that they want to see in the world, and guiding others who are moved in the same direction. They are not the most numerous of the world’s multitude of spiritualities, but they pack quite a punch.

Lastly, at least the way Revival Druidry is practiced, it is much more of a spiritual philosophy—or even meta-religion, if you will—than a dogmatized religion. It does not preclude the inclusion of any faith provided that each practitioner is willing to do the work of figuring out how to blend the two together. There are Pagan Druids, Atheist Druids, Hindu Druids, and Christian Druids. Druidry’s great strength is it’s ability to put aside the contentions of religion for a moment, and focus on some common practical and spiritual goals of humanity. While it is true that no path will suit all people, Druidry has the potential to come close.

But then again, I’m biased.


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