Craftiness & Green Thumbs

The past couple of weeks have ended up being somewhat all-consuming, leaving little time for blogging. Still, things are going great in the garden, and I’ve hit a nice rhythm for my creative side as well.

Soon, there will be community compost bins, as the nocturnal skunk-and-coyote picnics have been getting a little messy of late. Containing the piles should do the trick, and hopefully the PVC-pipe aeration will curtail the need for turning. I’m so psyched about how well the community is participating in composting. Now we just need a system to deal with the sheer volume of it!

Wedding Phoenix

I’ve also started a couple of stained glass projects, one for a friend’s wedding present, the other in trade for a feng shui consultation from a neighbor. The wedding phoenix is ready to be patterned, and the preliminary sketches for the second window are done. I didn’t touch stained glass during my pregnancy because of the lead & other chemicals, and it’s taken until now for me to get back in the groove of things.

This nice little surge of creativity that I’ve been experiencing spilled over onto the internet as well. I’ve reorganized some of the artwork over at The Druid’s Well, particularly the beadwork and stained glass sections. There are some new pieces, and the rosaries are now grouped by culture or theme, rather than alphabetically. Feel free to take a browse!

Lastly, I finished my work with the Boar Clan, heralding the end of tour with the Ancestral Tribes. It’s been slow to process this last journey, but I’ll post my observations in the upcoming days.

And now, if the Thunderer would just bless us with his presence, my life would be about perfect!


3 thoughts on “Craftiness & Green Thumbs

  1. Hi there,
    I have been searching the net for ideas for a phoenix panel and came across yours. It is a beautiful design! Would you allow me to copy your pattern? It is not for resale but a gift for a friend who has opened a feng shui and candling business.
    Kind regards


    1. Hi Lauren,

      I’m glad you like the design! I have no problem with you using the pattern, though I haven’t made a test of it to see if everything works well. I’d love to see yours when you’ve finished it. 🙂

      Thank you so much for asking if you could use it first, I really appreciate it!


      1. Thank you so much! I prefer just asking, just the right thing to do. I would feel very embarrassed if I made a piece and the real owner had to walk by and see it! I like it because of its simplicity (most pieces I see are just too complimated). I don’t foresee any problems except perhaps those long curved white background pieces… I might have to split them..hopefully not.
        I haven’t done any glassing since August 2009 when I found out I was pregnant – so this will be a good project to start with.
        I will definitely send you a pic
        Take care
        PS: Your crops are awesome!


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