Honeycomb Wall

Soon after we moved, one of our neighbors hijacked me into helping out with maintaining the community labyrinth. It’s a wonderful piece of landscape design, weaving in and out of the trees—something I’ve personally never seen done before. It’s a Baltic labyrinth, meaning that there are two paths, one in and one out, which allows for large groups of people to walk it all at the same time.

One of the visions for the space was to have the center enclosed by some sort of webbing or walls, to provide privacy for meditation. I was struck with the somewhat crazy idea to try knitting them. So after much experimentation, the first short wall is finished! It’s a honeycomb lace pattern, which was quite quick to knit up on size 50 needles, using a worsted weight yarn.  I think I’ll probably take it down and dye it so it blends with the atmosphere a bit better, but I’m overall I’m pleased with the result.


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