First Harvest

Here she is: the beautiful, deep green zucchini, the first bounty of our community garden!

Yes, I really did just take a picture of a squash and post it on the internet. I’m a geek.

We’ve also had a few sweet and zesty yellow cherry tomatos, and some wild blackberries, but these were too yummy to make it home to be photographed.

In other garden news, one of our community members made a most generous donation of soaker hoses, so we no longer have to handwater the field garden. I spent most of yesterday evening weaving hose through the already established tomato cages and plants. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to finished splicing the system up to a distributer, and we’ll be ready to go, sprinkler-free!


2 thoughts on “First Harvest

  1. Nothing wrong with being proud of ones squash. Last year we spent most of the summer in the garden, and learned just how hard it is to grow this stuff and how proud one can be of the end result. Sure puts things into perspective compared to buying it at the supermarket! Looks yummy!


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