A Quiet Druid…

…is a busy Druid.

I realize that it’s been nearly a month since I last posted, but the good news is that all sorts of interesting projects have been coming to fruition while I’ve been off-line. Among other things, the pig bones are fully cleaned and bleached, I’ve begun finishing my stang, and I’ve finally taken pictures of my Waincraft soul map, inspired by Raven Kaldera’s version of the same. The soul map is going to get its own post in a few days, but I figured I throw up a preview now, because three pics are preferable to two.


Pig Parts
Rabbit Skin Casting Cloth and Soul Map

6 thoughts on “A Quiet Druid…

  1. So inspiring! I love your bones (thanks again for the vert!). They are so clean! I also really like your casting cloth. Would you mind if I borrowed the idea? Damn you really make me want to craft stuff now.

    Thanks for showing everything! Very well done.


    1. Thanks, man. 🙂 Couldn’t have done it without you!

      Feel free to borrow the casting cloth idea, especially since I borrowed it myself. It was inspired by a couple of conversations over on DW where a bunch of us were like, “Hey, Kaldera’s version is neat, but how about a Vanic-flavoured one?” I thought my experience of the Tribes might lend itself well to such a map, and so far, it works pretty darned well. Anyway, more on that later.



  2. Those bones came out perfect! Kudos!

    The Casting Cloth/Soul Map is both beautiful and inspiring, what will you cast upon it? Runes, Bones, etc?

    I plan to go hunting, nay, “killing” this Saturday morning before Gather. I will let you know how it turns out 🙂


      1. Good hunting to you, my friend!

        I do also use the soul map as a casting cloth (for runes as I’m still learning ogham), so for me it’s dual purpose.


  3. This all looks so cool. I am quite jealous of your things. The spirit map especially looks great. Very inspiring work, thank you for sharing with us


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