[NYNY] Mindful Indulgence

Tea by Lekyu

This week’s task: do something nice for yourself.

After a bit of thought, I realized that I was having the same problem as R.O., namely that I already do nice things for myself. However, what I don’t always do it realize how nice they are—because I do them without thinking.

So, I’ve been taking a little extra time to bask in the pleasure of my indulgences, instead of just mindlessly consuming them.

*Making a full pot of green tea, and focusing on nothing else for the 10 minutes is takes to cool the water and steep the leaves.

*Savoring every bite of the dairy-free, eco-noo-nah, salt-and-pepper chocolate that I got in Portugal last week. It’s amazing how when you eat this way, a single piece will satisfy you.

*Taking a full bath and paying attention to the scents of the shampoo and soap, how they mingle with each other in addition to how they smell in the bottle.

*Doing my book and action-figure order a little early this month. I realize the half my pleasure in getting packages is anticipation—so I’ve started letting them sit on the counter for a week before opening them. (Ok, I realize this is a weird one, but just go with it.)

*Signing up for a free World of Warcraft account. I was a pretty crazy WarCracker back when I was pregnant, but cancelled my account since it was a complete and total time-sink. But I occasionally still get the urge to go whack some murlocs, and this lets me do it guilt-free.

And now, I think I’ll have some more tea.


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