Guest Post on Practice and Failure

My friend Sarah Twichell asked me to write a guest post for her blog, Leaning into Mystery. It’s on the relationship between failure and personal practice, which is not what I set out to write about, but it’s what awen decided to give me. 😉

While you’re there, check out Sarah’s helpful weekly prompts for practice goals, and generally insightful musings on magic and pagan spirituality. She’s a witch with a lot of oomph and I hope you enjoy her writings as much as I do!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post on Practice and Failure

  1. Very well said! Do you mind if I link to your guest post on Patheos on my public blog? I think it’s important to get out there because I see *so* few people talking about failure and that it’s not the end of the world if you do; sometimes things have to fall apart for other things to come together.


    1. Thank you and please do! Yes, failure is something that a lot of people in our culture fear, to the point where many parents won’t let their children fail–and this is causing significant problems for those kids later on. We learn so much by trial and error (emphasis on the error), and it scares me how much people focus on success rather than the process it took to get there.


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