Practicing Together #4

Today’s sunrise

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery: Practicing Together #9.

I noticed that what I put out into the world is what I get back. This is hard if you’re in a bad mood! I also noticed that toddler snuggles are some of the most powerful banishing magics on the face of the planet. 🙂

This week, I invite in creativity and groundedness. I need to be able to create to work on the series of planetary paintings, but I need to have the follow through to get one done each day. Art is a hard mistress, dontcha know?

Ways this could happen: Using the Hours app to schedule creative time in accordance with the planetary days and hours. Getting the draft designs done before those hours come around (the outer planets are already handled, thankfully).

The Sun

What went well: I started by inviting lightness into my life with candles on the altar and by playing with a singing bowl or wind chimes throughout the day. I took extra time to make sure my son was well tickled. And I was finally in a headspace to begin creating the planetary paintings for my altar area. The goal is to do one a day for the next ten days, in the corresponding planetary hour. The first one, the Sun, was completed yesterday—this really brought light into my life! The painting also has Agrippa’s sigils and squares, as well as Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery sun sigil painted on the back. This went very well indeed!

Updates: Wrote Ovate tutor! With any luck she won’t fire me from the grade. ;p  It felt really good to get past this block (which for those keeping count was 16 months or so), write up the gwersi and begin moving forward (in circles?) again on the Ovate journey. Still didn’t actively work on SS homework, but I feel like this planetary stuff I’m doing will contribute to that in the long run, so I’ll give myself a break there.

4 thoughts on “Practicing Together #4

  1. Toddler snuggles ARE the best banishing in the world. Maybe even one of the best things in the world 😉

    I love your painting. I can’t wait to see the rest. You remind me that I too really need to get back on the Ovate horse!


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