The Planets: Venus



Venus was definitely hard for me to get a handle on, both in terms of design and color. In fact, when I was done with it, I hated it—looked too much like a Barbie accessory. Then I did an even girlier thing: over-painted the lavender circle with silver nail polish. Yes. Nail polish. But it had exactly the desired effect, both toning down the lavender and giving the whole piece a sort of ethereal shimmer (which sadly doesn’t photograph well).

With any luck, I’ll be able to squeeze in both Saturn and a PBP post on garlic mustard tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Planets: Venus

  1. I love this, though. I mean, I’m more lunar/Watery, but I’m also perhaps Venusian to some extent, and… I like it.

    Also, you’re not the only person who’s painted something with nail polish, and noticed it gives it a nice ethereal shimmer (which no, alas doesn’t translate well in photos; I’ve found that with iridescence in general -.-).


    1. Thanks to the nail polish, I no longer hate it. But the Boy agrees with you, apparently–he came down this morning and said, “ooo, mama, you paint for me!” He’s a Taurus, btw, and we all know which planet rules that… o_O I mean he hasn’t even noticed the other paintings, but the way he zeroed in on this one was, well, kinda spooky.


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