Catching Up

As happens every Spring, the outdoors start calling and I spend less and less time in front of the keyboard. But, I have been dragging my picture-taking device with me into the woods and into the garden, so I’ll share my adventures from the last few weeks visually instead.

The biggest tree in the forest. Yeah, I’m a size queen. 🙂
250 year-old white oak in our conservation land.
Memorial Day wildlife & weeds
Close-up of amphibian invasion forces. The Spawn head this little guy under our deck and said, “Wanna turn frog OFF!”
May apples
May Apples



Garlic mustard harvest
Garlic mustard, stripped and waiting for the blender.
First garden harvest: radishes!
Spring greens
New tree identified: Hawthorn!
PBP plants
PBP plants
PBP plants
Wild geranium
Memorial Day wildlife & weeds
Half a fairy ring.
Memorial Day wildlife & weeds
Lightning struck oak
Memorial Day wildlife & weeds
Fungus amongus!
Memorial Day wildlife & weeds
Raspberry blooms. These guys are going to be very tasty in a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Lovely pictures! The tree is awesome. I don’t spend as much time at the computer this time of year either. More fun being outside, and taking pictures of all the plants. I have an old vine of Halls Honeysuckle growing by my back door and does it ever smell heavenly when it’s blooming.



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