The Holy Earth and the Harvester

Untitled I’ve written before about my perceptions of how the Powers (as they are called in Waincraft) shift for me in this bioregion with the turning of the seasons. This is the time of year I feel the influence of the Holy Earth most strongly. The hay is being brought in yet again from the fields, the woodland berries are ripe, and garden is turning into a rainbow of vegetables.

I don’t think it’s an accident that this is also the time when the Red Lady gives way to the Witcher. The fertilizing aspects of the agricultural cycle are through. The come-hither brilliance of wildflowers fades as seed begins to set. The time has come to reap what we’ve tended over the past six months. The Witcher acts in her role as Harvester, beginning the long process of deciding what will be kept for food and what seeds will be saved. The Harvester chooses the best and the strongest to continue their lines.  Soon the time will come to till the dried husks and stems and leaves back into the soil, covering all with a blanket of manure and compost to ready it for the spring planting.

The interplay of the Holy Earth and her Harvester sister has been particularly poignant for me this year. Much of what I had built up in my life is falling away. But lying beneath the debris is a wealth of qualities that I had forgotten I possessed. I will be laying the compost thickly this year, and the fruit will be all the sweeter for it.

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