Practicing Together #16

Racing pidgeon!
This racing pigeon seems to have taken up residence in the neighborhood. He’s quite tame, so I’m a little worried that my huntress may make a meal of him.

Seed thought taken from Leaning into Mystery’s “Practicing Together” weekly series.

I noticed that if you are not willing to deal with the fact that humans are fallible, then you are bound to be miserable and disappointed for the majority of your life.

This week, I invite in focus and success. This is week two of the new job, and it’s going to get interesting!

Ways this could happen: Remembering to breathe, take my time, and double check my work. Asking questions never hurts either. 🙂

What went well: I did end up spending quite a bit more time with my extended family, as well as talking with my biological parents. My godparents who have passed were at the front of my thoughts much of this week, and I tried to honor their memories through my own love of gardening, knitting, and history that they were so instrumental in fostering.

Updates: The job magic I’ve been working came through, and even though there’s a fair amount of upheaval in my life right now, I’m hopeful for the future. I can’t really ask for any more than that!

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