Qwert (apple)

Week 34 of the PBP.

Here’s another blatant use of ogham to fill in the lack of “Q” plants in this region!

My favorite tree growing up was an apple. It was a great climbing tree. I would sit up in its forked trunk for hours, looking at the azure sky through the shimmering leaves. It attracted all manner of critter to our backyard, from wasps to honeybees, squirrels to deer. My father didn’t believe in pruning, so it was a monster of a tree; he didn’t believe in spraying either (and didn’t know about lures and such for organic growing), so we rarely were able to eat any of the apples. But it was a constant companion throughout my childhood, until my parents finally had it taken down due to disease a few years ago.

I have some boughs that my father saved for me. I’m planning on turning them into wands eventually, once my skills are better. I associate the apple with Venus and Fire. Just like humans, each apple holds seeds that will create completely new varieties of trees. One friend of mine was horrified to find out that all the varieties of apples we eat are actually clones of a single tree. All MacIntosh have been grafted onto other root stock from the original MacIntosh tree, and cuttings from those trees have propagated yet more MacIntosh. But each Mac apple that we eat has seeds for a completely new offspring.

Apple is the ultimate example of unrealized potential in that sense. We think of there only being a few varieties, when in fact the possibilities are endless, but never planted.

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